S45C changes to proposal

Title S45C changes to proposal Ministerial Statement Last updated
Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project

Attachment 1 to Ministerial Statement 1080

• Export of bulk products via Broome in addition to Derby
• Increase of the number of journeys per day between the Mine Site and Broome.
• Inclusion of the amount of bulk mineral sand products in Mega tonnes per annum
being exported from the Port of Broome in Table 2.
• Removal of the amount of storage for packaged mineral sand products at Broome
Port from Table 2.
• A 30 ha Increase in clearing for infrastructure and a 30 ha decrease in clearing for

Changes approved under s.45C on 8 November 2022.

Statement 1080.pdf (PDF, 3.77 MB) November 8, 2022
Regional Resource Recovery Centre, Pt Lot 78 and Pt Lot 85 Bannnister Road, Canning Vale

Attachment 1 to Statement 517 - Changes:

  • Increase the processing capacity of co-mingled recyclables from 30,000 tonnes per year to 120,000 tonnes per year
  • Increase the waste acceptance rate from 115 tonnes per day to up to 500 tonnes per day
  • Extend the indicative operational hours of the Materials Recycling Facility from Monday to Saturday 0700 to 1900, to Monday to Saturday 0600 to midnight and Sunday 0600 to 1800.

Changes approved under S45c on 2 October 2020.

Statement 517.pdf (PDF, 1.81 MB) October 27, 2022
Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline Barrow Island Nature Reserve

Attachment 2 to Statement 769 - Changes: • Incorporation of Feed Gas Pipeline System description. • Amendment of descriptions of shore crossing and electrohydraulic umbilicals. Change approved 24 October 2022.

00769.pdf (PDF, 888.53 KB) October 24, 2022
Brockman Syncline 4 Iron Ore - Revised Proposal

Attachment 2 - Merging Area 1 and Area 2 into a single development envelope (Area 1) for mine pit and associated infrastructure; amendment to Schedule 2 coordinates defining the approved development envelope (Area 1); and update Figure 1 to reflect the above changes - change to proposal made under s45C approved on 26 August 2016.

Attachment 3 - Increase of clearing limit from 3560 ha to 4043 ha (483 hectare increase) - change to proposal made under s45C approved on 8 November 2019.

Attachment 4 - Increase clearing extent by 460 ha to total 4503 ha - change to proposal made under s45C approved on 1 September 2022.

Ministerial Statement 1000.pdf (PDF, 2.81 MB) September 1, 2022
Balla Balla Export Facilities

Attachment 1 to Statement 945: Change to the marine infrastructure to be constructed within the development envelope, decrease of 1 ha in the development envelope and a decrease in 0.1 ha of disturbance of sub-tidal habitat. Change to proposal approved under S45C on 23 January 2015

Statement 945.pdf (PDF, 1.99 MB) July 1, 2022
Bunbury Outer Ring Road (Southern Section)

Attachment 1 to Statement 1191 – Minor change to conditions approved under s45C(5) 22 June 2022.

Statement 1191.pdf (PDF, 3.15 MB) June 22, 2022
Sorby Hills Silver Lead Zinc Project

Attachment 1 to Ministerial Statement 964 - Access road extension to the realigned Moonamang Rd. Inclusion of accommodation village. Revision of Figures 1-3. Changes approved under s45C on 20 June 2022.

Statement No. 964.pdf (PDF, 2.76 MB) June 20, 2022
Northern Goldfields Interconnect Pipeline

Attachment 1 to Statement 1184 – Increase in the development envelope of 15 ha to provide an area for the Pinnacles Temporary Work Area construction, consisting of construction accommodation, laydown areas and associated infrastructure. Change to proposal approved under s45C 14 June 2022

Statement 1184.pdf (PDF, 1.53 MB) June 14, 2022
Scarborough Project Nearshore Component

Attachment 1 to Statement 1172 - Increase the authorised extent of nominal diameter of the trunkline from 32 inch to 36 inch. No amendments to implementation conditions. Changes approved under s45C on 14 June 2022.

Statement 1172.pdf (PDF, 811.61 KB) June 14, 2022
Tropicana Gold Project

Attachment 1 to Statement 839 – implement a single cell tailings storage facility – change to proposal approved under section 45C on 19 November 2012.

Attachment 2 to Statement 839 – remove reference to ‘Mining rate’; ‘Stripping ratio’, ‘Communications’, and ‘Main power supply’; increase water supply from ‘Up to 7 gl/year’ to ‘Up to 9 Gl per year’; increase the ‘Disturbance Area’ for the water supply area from 200 to 300 hectares; and update the figures and provide a table of coordinates defining disturbance envelopes – change to proposal approved under section 45C on 17 December 2014.

Attachment 3 to Statement 839 – increase height of waste landforms from 375 mRL to 417 mRL including the rehabilitation cover; remove the TSF specifications including the tailings deposition rate, number of TSF cells, disturbance footprint of the TSF and the maximum height of the TSF; and clarify that the overburden and waste is for the disposal in the waste landforms – change to proposal approved under section 45C on 8 December 2016.

Attachment 4 to Statement 839 – Changes:

  • change in the Short Description to include underground mining methods (Table 1); and
  • correct an administrative error for the authorised extent of the Infrastructure Development Envelope from 4269 ha to 18,494 ha (Table 2, Figure 1 and Table 4).

Changes to proposal approved under section 45C on 18 April 2019.

Attachment 5 to Statement 839 – Addition of the reference to the Kamikaze borefield in the key characteristics table. – change to proposal approved under section 45C on 13 October 2020.

Attachment 6 to Statement 839 – Changes:
• Amendment to Proposal: Increase the authorised extent of the open pit voids from 400 ha to 420 ha.
• Amendment to Proposal: Remove the maximum number, length and width of pits as physical elements of the proposal.
• No amendments to implementation conditions. – change to proposal approved under section 45C on 3 June 2022.

Ministerial Statement 839.pdf (PDF, 2.95 MB) June 3, 2022