Framework for assessment procedures in EIA

The Environmental Impact Assessment (Part IV Divisions 1 and 2) Administrative Procedures 2016 (Administrative Procedures) form part of the EPA’s framework for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures for proposals under Part IV of the EP Act (highlighted in the figure below). The scope of the Administrative Procedures are the procedures that the EPA administers, either as a decision-maker or a delegate of a decision-maker. These Administrative Procedures also relate to changes to proposals and conditions after an implementation statement (Ministerial Statement) is issued.


The Administrative Procedures set out the essential procedures in relation to the provisions of Part IV, Divisions 1 and 2 of the EP Act, grouped according to the following key stages:

  • Stage 1 Referral of a proposal to the EPA (s. 38)
  • Stage 2 EPA to decide whether or not to assess a referred proposal (s. 38A to s. 39B)
  • Stage 3 Assessment of proposals (s. 40 to s. 43A)
  • Stage 4 EPA report on the assessment of a proposal (s. 44)
  • Stage 5 Deciding if proposal may be implemented and implementation of proposals (s. 45 to s. 48).

The EPA’s Procedures Manual (Part IV Divisions 1 and 2) gives more detailed guidance on the processes and procedures for EIA of proposals under Part IV of the EP Act.

The Instructions, templates and forms can be found here.