Guidelines and procedures

The EPA has adopted a clear and structured policy framework that is consistent with the objectives and principles of the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The EPA’s Policy Framework Manual sets out the EPA’s policy framework, key document types and how the EPA develops, uses and reviews its policies.

This section of the website is structured around the EPA's hierarchy for its guidelines and procedures. Consistent with the framework, there are three separate categories within which a policy must sit:

The Environment Online knowledge base provides guidance on how to input information into Environment Online consistent with the EPA’s instructions and templates. Supplementary guidance will be provided over time as we better understand what additional guidance is needed to facilitate Environment Online.


12 month review of guidelines and procedures framework


In 2018, the EPA completed a review of its guidelines and procedures framework. Overall, the review found stakeholders were supportive of the new framework, particularly noting the new procedures and guidelines are clearer and easier to navigate, that they link back to the Environmental Protection Act (1986) and there was an improved transparency of the EPA’s processes.

The review identified a number of improvements which could be made across the framework. These improvements are being progressively implemented. Future updates and changes implemented as part of the review are to be published here.

This new framework underpins the EPA’s commitment to increasing the robustness and transparency of its advice.

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