Guidelines and procedures

The EPA's guidelines and procedures framework separates the EPA’s documents into two streams – those which apply to the EPA’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) of proposals and scheme, and other documents published by the EPA which do not apply to EIA.

The framework further separates the documents into two EIA streams – those related to the procedures and process of EIA, and those which relate to how environmental matters are considered in EIA.

This section of the website is structured around the EPA's hierarchy for its guidelines and procedures, and you can download an information sheet: Questions and Answers - The EPA’s Guidelines and Procedures Framework

12 month review of guidelines and procedures framework

The EPA has completed a review of its new Guidelines and Procedures Framework. Overall, the review found stakeholders were supportive of the new framework, particularly noting the new procedures and guidelines are clearer and easier to navigate, that they link back to the Environmental Protection Act (1986) and there was an improved transparency of the EPA’s processes.

The review identified a number of improvements which could be made across the framework. These improvements are being progressively implemented and the first changes include:

Future updates and changes implemented as part of the review are to be published here.

This new framework underpins the EPA’s commitment to increasing the robustness and transparency of its advice.

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Environmental Protection Act 1986

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