The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) was established in 1971 as an independent Board providing advice to the Minister for Environment. This website contains information about environmental impact assessment of significant projects, and policy and guidance on environmental matters.

Information about EIA

Find out about environmental impact assessment in Western Australia and the role and purpose of the Environmental Protection Authority.
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EIA step by step guide

Learn about the environmental impact assessment process from referral to the EPA’s report and recommendations to the Minister for Environment. Click here

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The EIA process includes opportunities for public comment and submissions at specific stages of the process.
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The EPA develops guidance on environmental considerations and procedures and technical guidance relating to the EIA process. Search

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Find proposals, schemes and scheme amendments referred to the EPA for assessment, including their current status and available documents. Find a proposalFind a scheme

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The EPA has developed forms and templates to help proponents, responsible authorities, consultants, decision-making authorities and the public. Find forms

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Active assessments

Display and search a list of projects currently undergoing formal environmental impact assessment by the EPA.Active assessments