WA Government policies

State Environmental Policies

Section 17(3)(d) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 provides that the EPA may consider and make policy proposals to be followed in Western Australia. These policy proposals (referred to as State Environmental Policies (SEPs) are considered by Cabinet for adoption as whole-of-Government policies. SEPs do not have the force of law.

There is currently one SEP adopted by the Western Australian Government.

Environmental Protection Policies

Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 provides for the Environmental Protection Authority to draft Environmental Protection Policies (EPPs) for consideration and approval by the Minister for Environment. Once approved by the Minister, EPPs are laid before Parliament, and have the force of law.

There are currently four Environmental Protection Policies in force.

WA Environmental Offsets Policy and Guidelines

The WA Environmental Offsets Policy 2011 (offsets policy) describes the principles for the use of environmental offsets through environmental regulation, including through the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The WA Environmental Offsets Guidelines 2014 clarify how offsets should be determined and applied.

The policy and guidelines, together with the Environmental Offsets Register, ensure transparency in the determination and application of offsets, while also providing a basis for auditing, compliance and enforcement.