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  1. City of Joondalup - Local Planning Scheme 3

    City of Joondalup - Local Planning Scheme 3

  2. Alkimos – Eglinton Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment No. 1029/33

    To amend reservations and zonings in the Metropolitan Region Scheme consistent with the Alkimos-Eglinton Structure Plan.

    The main elements of the amendment with the potential to impact on the environment are:

  3. Greater Bunbury Region Scheme

    The Greater Bunbury Region Scheme (GBRS) defines the broad pattern of land use for the City of Bunbury and the Shires of Harvey, Dardanup and Capel. The main purpose of the GBRS is to provide the statutory basis for implementing region plans such as the Bunbury - Wellington Region Plan (WAPC, 1995) and Greater Bunbury Structure Plan (WAPC, 1995) to ensure that regional facilities such as regional open space and regional roads are provided. The GBRS includes regional reservations and broad land use zones.

  4. Shire of Kalamunda - Local Planning Scheme 3 - Amendment 75

    The Shire of Kalamunda proposes to rezone approximately 138 hectares (ha) in High Wycombe to Urban Development.

  5. Greater Bunbury Region Scheme Amendment 0031/57

    Scheme Amendment 0031/57 Lot 312 Jeffrey Road, Glen Iris, City of Bunbury.

  6. Shire of Ashburton Town Planning Scheme 7 Amendment 21

    Rezoning various lots to Urban Development to facilitate adoption of Draft Onslow Expansion Development Plan.

  7. Shire of Serpentine-Jarahdale Town Planning Scheme 2 Amendment 183

    Cardup Business Park - Rezoning from Rural and Special Use to Urban Development and Development Area DAS.

    The EPA previously provided advice in 2012 on Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1215/41 to rezone the Cardup Business Park from the Rural Zone to the Industrial Zone.The EPA's 2012 advice concerning the above environmental issues is still valid.

  8. City of Bunbury Town Planning Scheme 7 Amendment 72

    Rezoning from Public Purpose Reserve - Special Uses to Development Zone - Residential , Lot 312 Jeffrey Road, Glen Iris.

  9. Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1255/41

    Hazelmere Enterprise Area Structure Plan Precinct 8 - HEA South Buffer

  10. Shire of Augusta-Margaret River Local Planning Scheme 1 Amendment 26

    Modifying provisions to establish a Holiday House use, various strata lots at Part Location 410 Caves Road, Margaret River.