EPA Code of Conduct

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is entrusted with providing independent environmental advice to the State Government, and its advice and recommendations impact on a wide range of stakeholders.

It is crucial that the EPA carries out its business with integrity, keeping in mind the very high ethical standards expected of public bodies.

This Code of Conduct sets out the responsibilities and obligations of members of the EPA, and is intended to provide practical guidance to members in dealing with the ethical issues that confront the board from time to time.

This Code of Conduct demonstrates each of the EPA members’ personal commitment to accountable and ethical decision-making, and promotes good governance practice by the EPA.

This Code of Conduct applies to the members during board meetings, at official EPA activities, when representing the EPA in any capacity, and in any situation that involves a matter that is before, or is likely to be before, the EPA for assessment.

November 30, 2016