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Category: WA Environmental Offsets Policy and Guidelines

The WA Environmental Offsets Guidelines complement the WA Environmental Offsets Policy 2011 (offsets policy) by clarifying the determination and application of environmental offsets in Western Australia. Application of these guidelines will ensure that decisions made on environmental offsets are...

Category: Technical and reference docs

A report for the Department of Environment and Conservation as part of the Swan Bioplan Project. Authors:BJ Keighery, GJ Keighery, A Webb, VM Longman and EA Griffin (April 2008) A survey of the Whicher Scarp was undertaken by the Departments of Environmental Protection and Conservation and Land...

Category: Other advice

Impacts on subterranean fauna are assessed as part of the Environmental Protection Authority's (EPA) process to determine the environmental impacts of proposals. Although subterranean fauna has only been a key environmental factor since the mid-1990s, much has been learned in that time and about 40...

Category: Administrative Procedures

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) of development proposals is undertaken in accordance with Part IV Division 1 of the EP Act and the Environmental Impact Assessment (Part IV Divisions 1 and 2) Administrative Procedures 2021. These procedures describe the principles and practices of EIA...

Category: Technical and reference docs

This technical report comprises part of Appendix 4 of EPA Report 1359. The report, on the avifauna, is part of a series of studies which assess the vertebrate fauna values of the Dawesville to Binningup study area. It was prepared for the EPA by John Dell and Bridget Hyder.