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Category: WA Environmental Offsets Policy and Guidelines

In making recommendations about offsets, the EPA considers the WA environmental offsets framework. WA environmental offsets template: This template is for use in Environmental Review Documents where biological key environmental factors are considered. For more details on using this template,...

Category: Technical and reference docs

A report for the Department of Environment and Conservation as part of the Swan Bioplan Project. Authors:BJ Keighery, GJ Keighery, A Webb, VM Longman and EA Griffin (April 2008) A survey of the Whicher Scarp was undertaken by the Departments of Environmental Protection and Conservation and Land...

Category: Other advice

Impacts on subterranean fauna are assessed as part of the Environmental Protection Authority's (EPA) process to determine the environmental impacts of proposals. Although subterranean fauna has only been a key environmental factor since the mid-1990s, much has been learned in that time and about 40...

Category: Technical guidance

The EPA acknowledges the repealed Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 and has adjusted its Environmental Factor Guideline - Social Surroundings and related Technical Guidance to reflect the role of the amended and restored Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972. The Technical Guidance provides...

Category: Technical and reference docs

This technical report comprises part of Appendix 4 of EPA Report 1359. The report, on the avifauna, is part of a series of studies which assess the vertebrate fauna values of the Dawesville to Binningup study area. It was prepared for the EPA by John Dell and Bridget Hyder.