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Category: Other advice

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, is a process that uses fluids and other materials that are pumped under high pressure into gas-bearing rock formations in order to open fractures (cracks) to create a path for the gas to flow. The purpose of this bulletin is to: define the...

Category: Technical and reference docs

A study of inland surface waters of the Pilbara was begun in 1983 with the following longterm objectives: 1. To produce an inventory of permanent and ephemeral inland surface waters which identifies and documents: (i) significant physical and biological characteristics: (ii) land tenure: (...

Category: Technical and reference docs

The Environmental Protection Authority has consistently emphasised the need to conserve wetland resources. While significant studies have been made in the south-west of Westem Australia, little is known of the inland surface waters of the semi-arid areas of the state, notably the Pilbara region...

Category: Technical and reference docs

Officers from the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Minerals and Energy undertook a low-altitude helicopter-based survey of the islands and waters of the Lowendal and Montebello island groups on 16-17 August 1999, to investigate the environmental implications of an oil...