Advice on Conservation Values and Review of Nature Reserve Proposals in the Lake Cronin Region (Report 1329)

This document, EPA Report 1329, was developed as a result of advice requested in November 2004 by the Minister for the Environment from the EPA under Section 16(e) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

In 1975, the EPA recommended "that Lake Cronin and an adequate area around the lake should be made a Class 'A' reserve for the Conservation of Flora and Fauna, to be vested in the WA Wild Life Authority" (recommendation 11.10, EPA 1975).

Due to competing interests, only a small area consisting of 1,015 ha around the lake was gazetted as a formal Nature Reserve in 1980. Henry-Hall (1990) reviewed the values of the area and recommended that the values could best be protected by the establishment of a large reserve consisting of approximately 113,250 ha.

June 2, 2009