Nyidinghu Iron Ore Mine

Proposal description: 

Chichester Metals Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Fortescue Metals Group, proposes to develop and operate an iron ore mine approximately 80 kilometres north-west of Newman. The Nyidinghu Iron Ore Mine proposal includes mine pits above and below the water table, an on-site ore processing from various sources, waste rock and tailings storage, an aerodrome, groundwater abstraction, surplus water management including aquifer recharge and other supporting infrastructure.  

The proposal has a development envelope of 92,301 hectare (ha) and a disturbance footprint of 12, 365 ha.  

Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions are predicted to be up to 285,000 CO2 equivalence per annum (t CO2-e p/a during operations. 

Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions are predicted to be up to 544,000 t CO2-e p/a during operations. 

The proposal excludes transport, electricity and water pipeline infrastructure required to connect the proposal to existing operations. This infrastructure is included in the East Hamersley Railway Project proposal.   

The East Hamersley Railway Project has also been referred to the Environmental Protection Authority and is being considered concurrently to this proposal. Further information on the East Hamersley Railway Project is available here.

Assessment Number: 
Referred under EP Act: 
Industry sector: 
Last updated: 
February 13, 2024
Current Status: 
Environmental Scoping Document approved
Environmental Scoping Document approved
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