Simulated natural gas plant, Mandurah

Proposal description: 

The proposal is to provide reticulated gas to the public in the Mandurah area using standard air/gas mixing and storage facilities at SECWA's site in Gordon Road, Mandurah.

The plant will provide an initial gas reticulation system to allow a customer base to be established. Further planning is to provide a connection to the Perth-Bunbury natural gas pipeline when the customer base is large enough to warrant the capital investment.

The plant is similar to one operating in Albany manufacturing tempered liquid petroleum gas (TLP) and a copy of another which has operated in Bunbury for many years. Liquid propane will be unloaded from LPG road tankers via unloading pump and underground transfer pipeworks to two 45,000 litre storage tanks. Road movements are projected to be a maximum of one tanker per month.

Propane will be drawn from storage and mixed with equal volumes of air and stored in two 14,000 litre buffer tanks. The simulated natural product (SNG) will be distributed as required by customers.

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September 10, 1990
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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