Napier Downs Irrigation Project

Proposal description: 

Napier Corporation Pty Ltd (the proponent) is proposing to develop a pivot irrigation project to supply fodder crops for pastoral use. The proposal is situated within Napier Downs Pastoral lease (LPL N049855), located in the West Kimberley region, 240 km east northeast of Broome, Western Australia.  

The purpose of the proposal is the pivots will grow cattle fodder crops (Rhodes grass) for pastoral purposes use on Napier Downs Station, Mount-House Station and other Napier Corporation managed properties, to support sustainable pasture and soil management, particularly during dry conditions, and more effective cattle production.  

The development envelope for the proposal is located within Scrubby Paddock, towards the southwestern corner of the station. The development envelope is 586.5 ha with a maximum of 200 ha to be cleared to allow for the 4 pivots (approximately 160 ha) plus associated infrastructure (up to 40 ha).  

Napier Downs Irrigation Project is expected to be ongoing with no specified maximum life.

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Last updated: 
November 6, 2023
Current Status: 
Decision on whether to assess has been published
Decision on whether to assess has been published
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