Implementing our new guidelines and procedures

On 13 December 2016, the EPA launched its new guidelines and procedures framework and content. Through this new framework, the EPA has fully adopted the findings of the Independent Legal and Governance Review into Policies and Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment, led by Mr Peter Quinlan SC.

During 2017, a key focus for the EPA is implementing the new framework and associated procedures and guidelines, as well as finalising a number of new technical guidances within the framework.

The new guidelines and procedures framework is divided into three categories: one for the processes and procedures of environment impact assessments; one for dealing with the substantive environment considerations in environment impact assessment; and one for policies and advice not included in the environmental assessment function.

The guidelines and procedures area of this website is structured accordingly, and through this you will find all the relevant guidelines and processes and procedures for environmental impact assessment.

Most of the EPA’s former procedures and guidelines have not changed significantly in content, but they have been written more clearly and concisely and placed within the framework to provide a more logical structure.

However, there have been some changes, specifically the removal of fixed levels of assessment in the 2016 Administrative Procedures, and some changes to the EPA’s factors and objectives.

The OEPA conducted stakeholder briefings through early 2017 on the new changes and the framework, and advice will be provided individually to proponents with current proposals before the EPA.

The EPA is strongly of the view that the new policy suite will contribute to achieving the objectives of the EPA’s Strategic Plan, specifically to increase public confidence in its processes by ensuring the soundness, robustness and transparency of its advice.