Yandicoogina Iron Ore Mine and Railway East Hamersley Range (s46) [1265]

Proposal description: 

The currently approved Yandicoogina Iron Ore Mine and Railway (also known as "Yandi (HIY) Project") is located approximately 90 kilometres north west of the town of Newman. This currently approved project involves the construction and operation of:

  • an open cut iron ore mine;
  • facilities to crush and screen ore and convey it to the railloadout facility; and
  • a 90 kilometre rail section which connects the mine to the Central Pilbara Railway.

Compared with the approved project (Ministerial Statement 417) the proposed mining area extension will:

  • increase the length of the mining area along the CID by 4.75 km;
  • increase the mining area by 300 ha;
  • extend the projected mine life by 10 to 15 years;
  • have a similar pit profile;
  • increase (initially) the current maintenance dewatering from 10-15 ML/d to 15-20 ML/d, thereafter returning to the same maintenance dewatering rate;
  • change the number of dewatering borefields from two to three and their location;
  • relocate the dewatering discharge points toward the end of mine life;
  • use the same mine support infrastructure (workshops, camp, power, administration offices);
  • ultimately require an additional new ore processing plant or re-location of the existing one; and
  • involve the same approach of backfilling with overburden material as mining progresses.

This is an inquiry under s46 into the proposed changes to the environmental conditions of Ministerial Statement 417.

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Last updated: 
December 15, 2011
Current Status: 
Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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