Yakkabindie Nickel Project - Change of Condition due to modification to Location of Factory (s46)

Proposal description: 

Dominion Mining Limited submitted a Consultative Environmental Review for the Yakabindie Nickle Project to the Environmental Protection Authority in April 1990 (EPA Bulletin 444). Following assessement of the CER by the EPA, the Minister for the Environment issued a statement "that the proposal may be implemented" on the 29th November 1990 (Ministerial Statement 117). Further studies carried out by the proponent on the location of facilities at the site have resulted in modifications and hence have changed the proposal as covered by Condition 1 of the Ministerial approval. The modifications to the proposal are as follows: 

  • Relocation of the concentrator from the western side of Jones Creek to the eastern side.
  • Relocation of the tailings dam from the western side of Jones Creek to a new catchment area to the south-east which does not form part of the Jones Creek catchment.
  • Relocation and almalgamation of the northern and eastern waste dumps into a new dump to be located on the site previously occupied by the tailings dam.
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Last updated: 
December 13, 1990
Current Status: 
Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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