Woodchip export proposal (McLean)

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The application by McLean Consolidated Pty Ltd is for a licence to be issued under the provisions of the Commonwealth Export Control (Unprocessed Wood) Regulations made under the Export Control Act 1982. McLean Consolidated have applied for approval to export up to 60,000 tonnes (approximately 49,380 cubic metres) per annum of Karri and Marri woodchips. These woodchips would be derived exclusively from the wastes generated from sawlogs derived from State Forest.

McLean propose to increase through competitive tendering its acquisition of salvage grade Karri and Marri sawlogs, from the present 36,000 cubic metres to 100,000 cubic metres per annum. Each of these logs would pass through the breakdown portion of the Denmark sawmill, with millable segments continuing through the mill and the waste from each log passing through the chipper. The increased volume of sawlogs is anticipated to generate an additional 37,000 cubic metres of woodchips each year. McLean has indicated in the NOI that no additional plant is required at the mill to achieve this throughput.

These woodchips would be carried by truck to Albany, where they would be stored in a stockpile within the Port of Albany prior to loading onto ships for export. It is anticipated that the annual woodchip production of 60,000 tonnes would be exported in two shipments.

The Department of Conservation and Land Management has advised the company that the additional logs required for this proposal should be available to the sawlog market from planned harvesting operations and that no additional area of forest would need to be cut as a consequence of the proposal.

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November 14, 1988
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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