Wheelarra Hill Iron Ore Mine Extension

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The proposal is for the remaining life of the mine (50+ years), located west of Jimblebar Creek on Mining Lease 266SA. It entails increasing the iron ore production rate at the mine from 8 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) to approximately 12Mtpa, and the mining of the currently undeveloped deposits on either side of the existing operation, including both in-situ hard rock and detrital ores. Approximately 600 million tonnes of Marra Mamba iron ore have been identified within the mining envelope. Because all of the ore in this proposal is above the water table the proposed mining will not require pit dewatering. Several pits are to be developed and mined at the same time to allow for blending of ores to suit customer requirements.

Note: The mine, first known as McCamey’s Monster, became the Jimblebar Iron Ore Mine and subsequently Wheelarra Hill. It has been operating since 1989 under the Iron Ore (McCamey's Monster) Agreement Authorisation Act 1972.

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November 17, 2006
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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