Urban rezoning, subdivision and development, Ellenbrook, Shire of Swan (s46)

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The proponents have written to the Minister for the Environment asking that environmental condition 10 part 3, and procedure 1-1 of Ministerial Statement 288, which affects land owned by Mt Lawley Pty Ltd, be amended to exclude the Mt Lawley land and allow implementation of the Ellen Brook proposal.

Specifically, the proponents have asked that the reference to 450 hectares in the north-west corner of the site, which comprises about 300 hectares of Mount Lawley's land and 150 hectares of the proponents land, should be deleted and conditions and procedures amended to read as follows: Condition 10 part 3: Arrangements are finalized for the acquisition of approximately 240 hectares of Joint Venture land with high conservation values in the northern sector of the site. Procedure 1-1 Prior to the lifting of 'Urban Deferred' to 'Urban zoning' in the Metropolitan Region Scheme, an area of approximately 240 hectares in the northern part of the Joint Venture land (as defined during clearance of Condition 4), should be set aside to be reserved and subsequently vested in the National Parks and Nature Conservation Authority, the final boundary of which shall be to the requirements of the Minister for the Environment on the advice of the Department of Conservation and Land Management and the Department of Planning and Urban Development.

This is the inquiry under s46 regarding the proposed changes.

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March 4, 1994
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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