Special residential rezoning, subdivision and development, lot 1 Lakes Way, Jandakot

Proposal description: 

The proposal is to rezone Lot 1 Lakes Way, Jandakot to Special Residential and subdivide into 95 lots consisting of 90 lots from 2,000m2 to 3,300m2, 1 lot of 8,000m2 and 4 lots of 1ha along the Lakes Way frontage as a landscape buffer to the Special Rural zone. The development would be connected to deep sewerage and it is proposed to impose various land use controls on the development (including vegetation clearing controls) by the application of special provisions through the local Town Planning Scheme. No stock will be allowed to be kept on lots within the development.

Assessment Number: 
Referred under EP Act: 
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Last updated: 
December 18, 1991
Current Status: 
Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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