Sediment removal in the Lower Vasse River

Proposal description: 

The City of Busselton propose to remove a layer of nutrient-rich, fine organic sediments which have accumulated throughout the lower reach of the Vasse River. The proposal is located within the City of Busselton and extends for 2.5 km from the Butter Factory Museum to the Busselton Bypass.

Sediment removal will be staged and undertaken via a mobile micro-dredge, or similar unit. The dredged sediment will be pumped to a designated onshore laydown area(s), allowed to dewater with the return water to re-enter the river.

The laydown area is 6.2 ha within a total development envelope of 16.1 ha.  Up to 40 000 m3 of sediment is proposed to be removed. There will be no clearing of native vegetation. The overall objective of the proposal is to improve the water quality of the Vasse-Wonnerup Wetland System.

Referred under EP Act: 
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Last updated: 
November 1, 2021
Current Status: 
Decision on whether to assess has been published
Decision on whether to assess has been published
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