Rural subdivision of lots 102-106 and lot 152, Armstrong Hills Drive, Shire of Waroona, within the catchment of Lake Clifton

Proposal description: 

The proposal is for the the Rural subdivision of Lots 102-106 and Lot 152, Armstrong Hills Drive, Shire of Waroona, within the catchment of Lake Clifton, Western Australia.

The proposed subdivision lies in two sections to the east and west of an existing special rural subdivision.

Lot 152 comprises the eastern portion and it is proposed to subdivide it into 11 lots of approximately 2 ha each. Lot 152 is in the Peel-Harvcy catchment. Environmental conditions in relation to its development are set out in the Environmental Protection (Peel Inlet-Harvey Estuary) Policy 1992 and the Statement of Planning Policy for the Peel Inlet-Harvey Estuary: these conditions will be enforced through the planning process and this lot does not require further assessment by the Environmental Protection Authority.

The western portion of the proposal consists of Lots 102-106 which are in the Lake Clifton catchment. Lots 102-106 are proposed to be subdivided into 42 lots of approximately 2 ha each. The proposal is located within the Lake Clifton catchment area. Lake Clifton is one of the most significant wetlands in Western Australia due to its international importance as a waterbird habitat and because it contains the largest known example of living microbialites in a lake environment in the southern hemisphere.

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Last updated: 
December 2, 1996
Current Status: 
Minister determined that the proposal should not be implemented
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