Realignment of West Coast Highway at south City Beach (s46)

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Inquiry under s46 in regard to proposed modifications to an approved option (Ministerial Statement 301) for the realignment of West Coast Highway at south City Beach in order to avoid Bold Park.

The regional values of the Bold Park area have been determined by the Environmental Protection Authority as (Environmental Protection Authority 1994 Bulletin 744): the size of the M47 area, being comparable to Kings Park, is one of the largest remaining bushland remnants in the urban area of the coastal plain; the natural vegetation of the area is of comparatively high quality and includes areas of species at extremes of their known ecological range; the fauna, as with the vegetation, exhibit considerable diversity with bird species being particularly well represented; recreational use is based on regional rather then just local patrons; and because of the above, and the areas’ location in the metropolitan area, its educational value is also rated highly. These areas represent open space of regional importance to the Perth metropolitan area because of their high conservation, recreation and education values. Moreover, there are few substantial areas of urban bushland remaining so close to Perth residential areas.
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November 7, 1995
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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