Proposed waste disposal site at Narngulu

Proposal description: 

The proposed site is on cleared agricultural land 6 km south-west of the City of Geraldton at Meru, near the Narngulu industrial area. The nearest residence is more than 1 km from the site and the nearest industrial site is about 600 m away.

The proposal is for the construction and operation of a solid (domestic) waste landfill site and for the concept of locating various types of waste disposal facilities, such as septage ponds, at the same site. The waste facilities concept plan shows sites for both liquid and hazardous waste treatment which would be constructed at a later date when there is a demand for this type of waste disposal. Liquid and hazardous waste would not be accepted until appropriate approvals have been sought and obtained.

It is proposed that the landfill would have an excavated volume of about 3 million m3 , have a refuse depth of 12m or less, be lined with 0.5 m of compacted clay and be capped with 1 m of sand and clay. A 5 m vertical separation between the groundwater table and the base of the landfill is proposed. The estimated iife of the facility would be about 30 years.

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August 21, 1991
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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