Poultry Litter Fired Power Station, Muchea

Proposal description: 

The proposal is for a poultry litter fired power station at a site approximately 70 kilometres north of Perth on the Brand Highway near Muchea. The power station would receive poultry litter from farms across the broad Perth region.

Delivery would be by covered trucks, which would enter the enclosed litter reception shed and tip onto a concrete floor. A front-end loader would be used to place the litter on to a conveyor which would place it on the stockpile. The trucks would be washed down prior to leaving the site.

As required, front-end loaders would remove litter from the stock pile and place it in the combustor feed hoppers. The poultry litter would then be combusted at 915 to 960 degrees Celsius with a residence times of 2.8 seconds. An automatic control system would activate auxiliary gas burners and restrict poultry feed if the temperature was to drop below 850 degrees Celsius.

Assessment Number: 
Referred under EP Act: 
Last updated: 
August 6, 2003
Current Status: 
Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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