Limesand Extraction, Lancelin

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In accordance with the conditions of the mining leases, a mining plan was submitted to the Department of Mines by Endeavour Resources Limited to continue mining operations in the Lancelin dunes. These plans were subsequently referred to the Environmental Protection Authority for assessment with respect to the environmental aspects of the proposal.

This proposal discussed various stages of development through the perceived life of the project: initially removing sand from low lying dunes west of the main dune system where previous operations were carried out. This would have required transport of material through the Lancelin Townsite. A modified proposal has since been submitted to the Authority proposing to re-locate the sand mining operations to an area in the vicinity of the Shire's rubbish tip and sand pit. Access to the site will be gained via the existing tip road, south of the townsite. This would remove the need for trucks to pass through the Lancelin townsite.

The proponent estimates that approximately 1,000 tonnes of sand will be mined in 1988 with tonnages likely to increase by 1,000 tonnes each year to a maximum extraction rate of about 30,000 tonnes per year. This would result in around 15 000 tonnes of sand being removed from an area of about 0.3 hectares over the next five years.

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November 5, 1987
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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