Land Use Development, Mundaring - Waste Management and Proposed Residential Development, Stoneville Road

Proposal description: 

The land proposed for residential development comprises Pt Location 1699 owned by Glen Retreat having an area of approximately 46 ha. An area of 4 ha will be excluded and developed for the new Mundaring Primary School, while an equivalent area is to be excised from an adjoining reserve and added to the residential development.

The land is located on the Darling Plateau in the catchment of Jane Brook and Bugle Tree Creek. The soils vary from sandy gravels in the lower areas to gravelly sand with caprock and small boulders in the upland areas. The land is generally well vegetated with jarrah·marri bushland, and a portion is cleared to pasture.

It is proposed to develop 150 residential lots ranging in size from 2000 m2 to 3475 m2. All urban services will be supplied to the development, with the exception of reticulated sewerage. It is proposed that effluent disposal will be by septic tank/leach drain systems with alternating leach drains. On lots in the upland areas containing caprock, installation may be difficult and it is proposed that careful inspection by the Council Health Inspectors will ensure correct placement of effluent disposal systems.

In regard to stormwater drainage, it is proposed that drainage from road pavements be collected and, following removal of silts, discharged along natural drainage lines or water courses to Bugle Tree Creek and a Jane Brook tributary.

The proponent expects that large areas of native vegetation will be retained following development, with comparatively small areas of garden and lawn.

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August 1, 1990
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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