Irrigated agricultural proposals in the Swan Coastal Plain catchment of the Peel-Harvey Estuary

Proposal description: 

This assessment is of two proposals, each of which involves an application for a well licence to pursue irrigated agriculture within the Peel-Harvey coastal plain catchment.

Proposal 1 involves the flood irrigation of commonly grown pasture species (clover and perennial grasses) on an area of riverine clays adjacent to the North Dandalup River. Between 10 to 15 kg of phosphorus would be applied each year, with two thirds applied in autumn and one third applied in spring. Irrigation would occur mainly during the summer months. (Proponent P Sevelj)

Proposal 2 involves the drip irrigation of summer vegetable crops (mainly pumpkins, rockmelons, watermelons) on an area of loamy clay soils from November to March. Irrigation would be managed by evaporation replacement using drippers under plastic mulch to minimise water use. Fertilisation would occur in the irrigation water daily over a two week period. After this two week period, no more nutrients would be applied to the crop. Nutrients applied annually would amount to 5 kg of nitrogen and 15 kg of phosphorus per hectare, which includes nutrients applied in basal dressings at other times of the year. (Proponent R Parkey)

Separate Ministerial Statements were issued, one for each proposal.

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July 10, 1991
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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