HyEnergy® Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Project

Proposal description: 

Province Resources Ltd propose to use combined onshore wind and solar energy to produce green hydrogen and ammonia for export to the green energy market. The proposal is distributed across 3 distinct locations within the Shire of Carnarvon, Western Australia.

The proposal will comprise the following major elements:
• up to 945 ha (6.8 GW) of wind turbines and up to 10,000 ha of solar arrays (5.2 GW)
• a new multiuser port facility with a material offloading facility and export terminal
• battery energy storage and a hydrogen and ammonia production facility.

Assessment Number: 
Referred under EP Act: 
Industry sector: 
Last updated: 
February 5, 2024
Current Status: 
Decision on whether to assess has been published
Decision on whether to assess has been published
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