Finalisation of contaminated material clean-up of former Industrial Land, McCabe Street, Mosman Park (s46) [1061]

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The proposal is to manage an additional 67 ,500m3 of contaminated material as part of the rehabilitation of former industrial land at McCabe Street, Mosman Park .

Clean-up of this industrial land commenced in 1995 and has been subject to three previous assessments (EPA Bulletins 324, 699 and 807). The proponents are seeking to amend the existing conditions of approval (Ministerial Statement 338) under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 to allow for disposal of the additional contaminated material.

The existing approvals have allowed the disposal of some 240,000m3 of material in an engineered containment cell on the site. LandCorp and Octennial Holdings Pty Ltd propose to dispose of the additional contaminated material in a new containment cell on the site immediately adjacent to an existing cell. The proposed cell would have a maximum waste disposal capacity of about 80,000m3 which includes an approximate 20% contingency. The proposal also includes a contingency for offsite disposal of material which cannot be accommodated in the proposed new cell, to approved and licensed landfills.

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December 19, 1997
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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