Evaluation of Sumilarv for midge control

Proposal description: 

The objectives of the proposal are to assess the effectiveness of Sumilarv against midges and its impact on non-target organisms in Lake Monger and North Lake. Both wet lands are highly eutrophic (nutrient enriched), there are severe midge nutrient problems during spring and the summer months and Abate is no longer a reliable control agent.

The field trials involve applications of Sumilarv at a rate of 10kg/ha on three separate occasions. The compound will be applied by outboard dinghy and a blower to Lake Monger (City of Perth) or by helicopter to North Lake (City of Cockburn). A number of enclosures wifl be constructed in the llttoral region of the lake where detailed studies of the impact of the compound on midges, non-target plankton, invertebrate and fish populations will be monitored. Further laboratory based toxicity tests will also be carried out at Murdoch University.

There are two proponents for this proposal and separate Ministerial Statements were issued.

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February 11, 1991
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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