Eglinton Beach Proposal (s. 46)

Proposal description: 

The proposal is for the development of residential, commercial and public open space land uses, a single entrance marina and the management of conservation areas on Lot 5000 and Part Lot 5001 Pipidinny Road and Part Lot 9005 Marmion Ave, Eglinton. The EPA's report on the assessment was published as Bulletin 500, and Ministerial Statement 150 was published on 8 July 1991.

In March 2013, Eglinton Estates Pty Ltd wrote to the EPA requesting minor amendments to the existing Implementation Conditions and deletion of all of the Proponent Commitments of Ministerial Statement 150 under s46(1) of the EP Act on the basis that the current conditions and commitments are:

  • outdated;
  • no longer relevant; or
  • can be managed by other legislation.

Given that Ministerial Statement 150 was published over 20 years ago, the EPA determined that a full review of Ministerial Statement 150 was appropriate.

Assessment Number: 
Referred under EP Act: 
Industry sector: 
Last updated: 
August 29, 2022
Current Status: 
Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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