Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) to Albemarle Lithium Plant Gas Pipeline Proposal

Proposal description: 

DBNGP (WA) Nominees Pty Limited propose to construct 670m of underground natural gas pipeline between the Albemarle Kemerton Plant (a lithium hydroxide manufacturing plant) and the existing Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. 

The proposal is located in Kemerton, approximately 17km north-east of Bunbury and will provide natural gas to the Albemarle Kemerton Plant (Ministerial Statement No. 1085).

The proposed pipeline will be constructed within a 30m wide corridor requiring clearing of 2.1 hectares of post-agricultural land, plantation and native vegetation. Revegetation will be undertaken to restore a 25m wide area of the construction site (1.6 hectares), with a 5m wide area remaining clear above the pipeline alignment for maintenance access.

Referred under EP Act: 
Industry sector: 
Last updated: 
March 5, 2019
Current Status: 
Decision on whether to assess has been published
Decision on whether to assess has been published
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