Casuarina Boat Harbour

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This document has been prepared for the first future derived proposal of the Koombana Bay Marine Structures Strategic Proposal (Assessment Number 2049 and Ministerial Statement 1226), namely the Casuarina Boat Harbour (Figure 1 Proposal Content Document).

This document supports the Department of Transport’s (DoT’s) request to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) under section 38E of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) that the referred Casuarina Boat Harbour (CBH) future Proposal (the Proposal) be declared a derived Proposal.

This Proposal is for the construction and operation of small craft marine infrastructure in Koombana Bay. The Proposal is located about 174 km south of Perth and in the City of Bunbury in Western Australia. The Proposal has a total disturbance footprint of up to 32 ha within the 40 ha CBH development envelope.

The Proposal includes a dredging and dredge spoil disposal component, a piling component, land reclamation and construction of breakwater and revetment walls. The marine infrastructure includes the construction and operation of a wharf, jetties, boat ramps and boat pens.

The Proposal will be implemented by the Department of Transport under the Marine and Harbors Act 1981.

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July 2, 2024
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Seven-day public comment period open
Seven-day public comment period open
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