Beatons Creek Fresh Rock Expansion

Proposal description: 

The Proposal is located in the east Pilbara region of Western Australia within a development envelope of 718 ha and clearing no more than 270 ha.  

The Beatons Creek Gold Project is currently operating under relevant approvals and permits of the Environmental Protection Act (Part V) and Mining Act 1978 (Mining Act). The Fresh Rock Expansion proposes to mine deeper into the fresh rock resource including below the water table, enabling mining to continue at Beatons Creek.  

The proposal includes: 

• Increased mining footprint 

• Increased waste rock volume 

• Associated increase in support infrastructure (e.g. internal roads). 

The maximum life of the proposal is approximately 15 to 20 years. 

Referred under EP Act: 
Industry sector: 
Last updated: 
July 11, 2022
Current Status: 
Decision on whether to assess has been published
Decision on whether to assess has been published
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