Ascot Waters - Proposal to dredge two channels to connect an artificial wetland with the Swan River

Proposal description: 

The proposal is to dredge two channels to connect the Swan River with an internal artificial water body. Construction of the channel will involve:

  • dredging of one 15m wide, 1 m deep channel through the System 6 area and near shore sandbars at the northern end of the wetland;
  • the excavation of a 55m wide channel to -2.5m AHD, through the southern end of the tip site; plus
  • the dredging of a 320m long, 55m wide navigation channel to -2.5m AHD through river shallows to connect with the main deep channel of the river.

The proponent wishes to dredge the channels so that the river will flush the internal water body maintaining an acceptable water quality and to allow limited navigable access to shallow draft boats to the marina within Ascot Waters. A component of the proposal is the realignment and installation of short term retention basins in the Central Belmont Main Drain to improve the quality of water entering the river from the drain and reduce the risk of contaminants entering the channel.

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November 6, 1996
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Ministerial Statement published
Ministerial Statement published
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