Ammonia and Urea Plants, Burrup Peninsula (s46) [1602]

Proposal description: 

The proponent wishes to split the original proposal into two proposals, an ammonia plant and a urea plant. The approval to split the proposal was granted as a change to the proposal on 12 October 2005 under section 45C of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

The split of the proposal is based on commercial grounds and there are no changes to the capacities or other operational characteristics of the proposal as originally approved.

The split of the proposal will result in each plant being on its own land as a sublease, and each plant will be constructed and operated independently. The Ammonia Plant sublease is 58.67ha and the Urea Plant sublease is 8.09ha.

The proponent also wishes to nominate a separate proponent for each proposal and, therefore, Ministerial Statement 614 will need to be replaced by two new statements and a proponent nominated for each proposal. Legal advice has confirmed that sections 45C and 46 are correct processes under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 to enact the split of the original proposal into two proposals and to issue separate statements for each proposal.

Note: Placed on suspension - no Statements issued.

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Last updated: 
October 3, 2005
Current Status: 
Awaiting Ministerial decision
Awaiting Ministerial decision
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