Technical Guidance - Subterranean fauna surveys for environmental impact assessment

The content of this Guidance has been updated to reflect the EPA’s framework for environmental considerations in environmental impact assessment.

This guidance replaces two former Technical Guidance documents: ‘Technical Guidance – Subterranean fauna surveys’ and ‘Technical Guidance – Sampling methods for subterranean fauna’.

This guidance is applicable to subterranean fauna only and should be applied in conjunction with the EPA’s Environmental Factor Guideline: Subterranean Fauna.

This document has been developed to provide guidance on the relevant impact assessment methods where subterranean fauna is likely to be a factor, particularly the standards of survey and type of information required to understand impacts. The purpose of this technical guidance is to ensure that subterranean fauna data of an appropriate standard are obtained and used for environmental impact assessment.

The Technical Guidance provides advice on:

  • desktop studies;
  • survey preparation and determining survey type and design;
  • habitat assessment, survey techniques and specimen handling; and
  • data analysis, mapping and reporting.

Background information can be located in the EPA’s Discussion Paper - A review of subterranean fauna assessment in Western Australia (EPA 2021), which is retained for reference only.

Published Date: 
December 17, 2021
Guidelines and procedures: 
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