OEPA Annual Report 2012-2013

Letter to the Minister
General Manager’s overview
About the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority: Our role; The environmental impact assessment process; Subsidiary legislation; Organisational structure - Assessment and Compliance Division, Strategic Policy and Planning Division, Business Operations Division; Performance management framework; Performance analysis and trends; Resource agreement.
Our work
Environmental impact assessment and policies; Mining and industrial - BHP Billiton Iron Ore – Pilbara Expansion Strategic Proposal; Gindalbie Metals’ Shine Iron Ore Project, Macarthur Minerals’ Ularring Hematite Project, Toro Energy Uranium project, Waste-to-energy - Port Hedland Waste-to-Energy and Materials Recovery Facility, Boodarie, Algae Farm and Processing Facilities, Karratha, Dongara Titanium Mineral Sands Project.
Infrastructure assessments; Cape Preston multi-user iron ore port, Mangles Bay marina development.
Environmental planning; Residential subdivision, Bayonet Head, City of Albany.
Post approval assessment; Changes to a proposal after assessment – s. 45C, Amendment of implementation conditions by inquiry – s. 46, Environmental Management Plans, Roy Hill Infrastructure Railway s. 45C - Ministerial Statement 847, Ord River Irrigation Area Stage 2 (M2 Supply Channel) s. 46 – Ministerial Statement 830, Industrial Lands Development Authority s. 46 - Establishment of an Industrial Park at Meenaar, Wheatstone LNG Development – Chevron Australia Pty Ltd – s. 46, s. 45C and Approval of Environmental Management Plans.
Environmental management policies, guidelines and strategic advice; Environmental factors and objectives – Environmental Assessment Guideline 8, Application of a significance framework in the environmental impact assessment process – Environmental Assessment Guideline 9, Consideration of subterranean fauna in environmental impact assessment in Western Australia – Environmental Assessment Guideline 12, Draft Environmental Assessment Guideline - Environmental Offsets, Review of the State Environmental (Cockburn Sound) Policy 2005, Western Swamp Tortoise habitat protection; Strategic advice to the Minister under section 16(e) of the EP Act - Waste-to-Energy, Environmental and water assessments relating to mining and mining related activities in the Fortescue Marsh management area, Strategic assessment of the Perth – Peel Region and development of EPA strategic advice. Other - Bilateral Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Western Australia relating to Environmental Impact Assessment and the operational arrangements that underpin the bilateral agreement, Aboriginal heritage, Fertiliser Partnership, Dredging Science Node of the Western Australian Marine Science Institution.
Environmental compliance audits; Compliance and audit activity, Significant proposals audited - Gorgon Gas Development, Wheatstone LNG Development.
Improving our business; Communicating, Organisational change, Information management and system development.
Disclosures and legal compliance: Independent Auditor’s report; Financial statements; Key performance indicators; Other disclosures; Ministerial directives; Other financial disclosures (TI 903); Governance disclosures (TI 903); Other legal requirements; Government policy requirements.
Appendix 1 Public reports and recommendations to the Minister for Environment
Appendix 2 Section 45C list of approved changes to proposals
Appendix 3 Other publications
Appendix 4 Acronyms

Published Date: 
September, 2013