Shire of Yalgoo Local Planning Scheme 2 Amendment 3

Scheme/scheme amendment
Responsible Authority: 
Shire of Yalgoo

Amendment 3 proposes to modify the land use permissibility of ‘Caravan Park’ and ‘Residential –Grouped Dwelling’ within the ‘Rural/Mining’ zone to discretionary (‘D’) uses. The amendmentalso proposes to insert additional uses for ‘Hosted Accommodation’, ‘Holiday Apartment’,‘Holiday House’, ‘Holiday Unit’, ‘Serviced Apartment’, ‘Short-term Accommodation’ and‘Tourist Development’ to the permissibility table. The proposed amendment is to provide forincreased flexibility in the types of tourism accommodation available within the Shire.

Local Government Authority: 
Last updated: 
Monday, 1 August, 2022
Current status: 
Decision on whether to assess has been published