Shire of Harvey District Planning Scheme No. 1 Amendment No. 13 - Point Douro

Scheme/scheme amendment
Responsible Authority: 
Shire of Harvey

The Shire of Harvey proposes to amend District Planning Scheme No. 1 by rezoning Lot 5 Old Coast Road, Leschenault (Pt Loc 23, Plan 7938) from “Tourist” zone and “Recreation” reserve to “Residential Development” zone, “Tourist” zone, “Recreation and Conservation” reserve and “Modified Water Body”.

The Concept Development Plan associated with Amendment No. 13 comprises several components:

  • residential development;
  • a modified water body;
  • creation of tourist related uses; and
  • recreational use in part of the foreshore area including a boat launching facility.

Appeals were allowed in part on 8 May 2006 for further assessment in relation to risks posed by acid sulphate soils. This assessment has been superseded by the assessment of Harvey District Planning Scheme No. 1 Amendment No 13.

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Tuesday, 18 January, 2005