Potential cumulative impacts of the activities and developments proposed for Exmouth Gulf

In August 2020 the Minister for Environment made a request to the EPA to provide strategic advice under Section 16(e) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 on the potential cumulative impacts of the proposed activities and developments on the environmental, social and cultural values of Exmouth Gulf.

The EPA agreed to this request and has begun a cumulative impact study into the current and proposed pressures on the Exmouth Gulf. The EPA will consider the values (environmental, social and cultural) as identified under the EP Act.

The study will involve engagement with stakeholders and the local community and public consultation and take into account a number of new and existing potentially significant proposals in and around the Exmouth Gulf. It will be completed by the end of June 2021.

The Minister expects this strategic advice will be material to consideration of the EPA’s final reports on the Subsea 7 Pipeline Fabrication Facility proposal, the Shire of Exmouth rezoning and other proposals in the assessments process.

October 8, 2020