WA Environmental Offsets Policy 2011 and guidelines

The WA Environmental Offsets Guidelines complement the WA Environmental Offsets Policy 2011 (offsets policy) by clarifying the determination and application of environmental offsets in Western Australia. Application of these guidelines will ensure that decisions made on environmental offsets are consistent and accountable under the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

These guidelines expand on the offsets policy to ensure that the basis for decision-making on environmental offsets is understood by decision-makers, government officers, industry and the community and consistently applied by decision-makers.

These guidelines, together with the Environmental Offsets Register, will ensure transparency in the determination and application of offsets, while also providing a basis for auditing, compliance and enforcement.

WA environmental offsets template: This template is for use in Environmental Review Documents where offsets are a key environmental factor. For more details on using this template, please see the WA Environmental Offsets Guidelines. [The template is provided as a zip file of an Excel spreadsheet.]

Published Date: 
August 14, 2014
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