Environmental Advice on the Principle of Locating a Gas Processing Complex on Barrow Island Nature Reserve (Bulletin 1101)

Barrow Island is a class A Nature Reserve situated about 70 km off the Pilbara coast of Western Australia. The waters around Barrow Island have recently been proposed for reservation as part of a Barrow-Montebello Islands Marine Conservation Reserve.

This report, published as Bulletin 1101 under section 16 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, is the environmental contribution to the Government’s strategic economic, social and environmental assessment of a proposal to locate a gas processing complex on Barrow Island.

Part A provides the EPA’s advice on access to Barrow Island for industry. Should Government decide to agree to access, Part B provides the EPA’s recommendations on managing the environmental issues that would arise. This strategic level process is designed to guide and assist in the making of an in-principle decision by Government. Formal environmental assessment would still be necessary under the provisions of section 38 of the Environmental Protection Act and the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

A response to submissions on the Environmental, Social and Economic Review of the Gorgon Gas Development on Barrow Island can be downloaded here.

Published Date: 
July 1, 2003
Guidelines and procedures: 
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