MRS Amendment No 992/33, Clarkson-Butler, Wanneroo

Scheme/scheme amendment
Responsible Authority: 
Western Australian Planning Commission

To amend the Metropolitan Region Scheme to accommodate modifications to the zones and reserves in the Clarkson-Butler district, including the following:

  1. to rezone the south-eastern portion of the 'western cell' of Pt Lot 2 Burns from "Rural" zone to "Urban" zone and "Parks and Recreation" reservation;
  2. to rezone the northern portion of Lot 17 Marmion Avenue, Cl arks on from "Rural" and "Parks and Recreation" zone to "Urban Deferred" zone;
  3. to reserve two proposed east-west district distributor roads (Hester Avenue and Neerabup Road) between the Mitchell Freeway and Wanneroo Road for "Other Regional Roads";
  4. to adjust the existing "Primary Regional Roads" reservation for Wanneroo Road; and
  5. to reserve the proposed Mitchell Freeway Transportation Corridor for "Primary Regional Roads" to enable future proposed extensions to the Mitchell Freeway, and Northern Suburbs Railway north of Hester Avenue, Butler; the reservation of land for "Railways" for the proposed Clarkson Railway Station near Neerabup Road and a possible station north of Lukin Drive; and land surplus to Freeway requirements being transferred from "Rural" and "Parks and Recreation" to "Urban" zone.
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Last updated: 
Tuesday, 8 July, 2003