Further consultation on Environmental Protection Authority greenhouse gas guidance recognised

Release date: 
March 14, 2019

Please attribute to Environmental Protection Authority Chair Dr Tom Hatton

Over the past week the Environmental Protection Authority held a number of discussions with companies potentially impacted by our revised assessment guidelines on greenhouse gas emissions.

It is clear from our consultation there is some uncertainty within industry on the technical aspects and the practical implementation of the guidelines, particularly with respect to offsets.

The EPA also appreciates that further discussion is merited to ensure that industry and stakeholders can anticipate how such guidelines can apply to proposals. 

The EPA does not resile from the need to reduce Western Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Nor do we resile from our absolute right and obligation to provide advice to the Government on these matters.

However, it is important that the detail of such advice is more fully developed and the practical applications are well understood.

As a result, the EPA will be undertaking further consultation with industry and stakeholders to ensure these guidelines can be practically implemented and that they are fully complementary to Commonwealth regulation.

The EPA is withdrawing the revised guidelines from application, until those consultations with industry and stakeholders are more fully complete.

We look forward to further consultation with stakeholders, including the many groups that have voiced their support for the intent of the EPA’s guidance.


EPA Media Contact: Vivienne Ryan on  0400 866 450

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