CBH fertiliser facility recommended for environmental approval

Release date: 
June 8, 2021

A proposal to develop a facility for the import and storage of dry (granular) and liquid urea
ammonium nitrate fertiliser products within the Kwinana Industrial Area has been
recommended for environmental approval by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA),
subject to conditions related to groundwater and spill mitigation.

The CBH Kwinana Fertiliser Project involves the construction of a dedicated liquid urea
ammonia nitrate pipeline on the existing Kwinana Grain Terminal jetty, crossing the shoreline
and running underground to storage tanks within the proposed onshore facility.

EPA Chair Professor Matthew Tonts said the proponent had applied measures to the project
to avoid potential impacts to the marine environmental quality of Cockburn Sound, including
implementing pipeline transfer mechanisms to ships that would prevent spills and detect

“Construction of the pipeline will be undertaken on the existing Kwinana Grain Terminal jetty,
avoiding disturbance of the benthic marine environment,” Professor Tonts said. “The onshore
facility has been designed to ensure any areas where there is potential for spills and leaks
are bunded or on hardstand areas and directed to lined drainage basins.”

The EPA also noted the shipment schedule of liquid urea ammonia nitrate was up to just six
per year.

The facility will comprise three liquid urea ammonium nitrate storage tanks with a total
capacity of 48,000 tonnes, a shed for the storage of up to 80,000 tonnes of dry fertiliser,
water management infrastructure including swales and a 3,000 cubic metre evaporation
pond, hardstand areas including access roads, truck washdown bays, a site office and
amenities, and weighbridges.

The EPA report and recommendations will be subject to a two-week appeal period
commencing 8 June 2021 and closing 22 June 2021.

EPA Report 1701 CBH Kwinana Fertiliser Project can be found here.

EPA Media Contact: Jenni Storey on 0434 734 997

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