Instructions on how to prepare an Environmental Review Document

The purpose of these instructions is to assist proponents to prepare an Environmental Review Document (ERD), which is required where the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has decided that the proponent must undertake an environmental review under section 40(2)(b) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act).

The template attached to these instructions provides the structure of the ERD and the minimum requirements including tables and figures. The EPA expects that the ERD contains the content outlined in the template and the proposal-specific requirements specified in the approved Environmental Scoping Document.

The EPA expects that proponents follow the ERD template.

This template is to be used for new, revised and strategic proposals.

Key changes from the previous version reflects the new Instruction on how to define the content of a proposal, focus on application of key principles throughout the EIA process and incorporates amendments to the EP Act that allow the EPA to take into account other statutory decision-making processes that can mitigate impacts on the environment.

29 October 2021