EPA Annual Report 2012-2013

Letter to the Minister
Message from the Chairman
About the EPA: Legislative framework; Functions of the Authority; Office of the Environmental Protection Authority; Other departments and agencies; Bilateral agreement with the Commonwealth; Reform; Western Australia’s environmental challenge.
Land: Pressure point: Banded Iron Formation Ranges, Yilgarn Craton; Key issue: Rehabilitation of disturbed landscapes; Key issue: Cumulative impacts on the Swan Coastal Plain, Perth–Peel regions; Key issue: South West forest health; Key issue: Whicher Scarp.
Sea: Pressure point: Dredging; Key issue: Ports and marine environmental quality; Key issue: Marine fauna; A success story: Cockburn Sound State Environmental Policy.
Water: Pressure point: Unconventional gas extraction; Pressure point: Fortescue Marsh, Pilbara; Key issue: Legacy of pit lakes.
Air: Key issue: Emission of greenhouse gases; Key issue: Air quality in an expanded metropolitan area; Key issue: The emerging waste-to-energy industry; A success story: Sulfur dioxide reductions in the Kalgoorlie region.
People: Key issue: Port Hedland dust; Key issue: Uranium and human health.
Other issues: Environmental offsets; Environmental knowledge.
The Authority: The EPA Board; EPA meetings and site visits; Stakeholder relations; Stakeholder Reference Group; External communications; Student support.

Published Date: 
October, 2013