EPA Annual Report 1999-2000

Chairman’s Overview
Major Environmental Issues: Ecologically Sustainability of natural resources; Dryland salinity; Biodiversity; Terrestrial biological surveys; EPA’s role in Perth’s Bushplan; Greenhouse gases; Perth’s coastal waters management and consultative process; Oil spill response arrangements; Peel-Harvey progress and compliance report; Shark Bay world heritage property.
Environmental Assessment of Proposals: Judging environmental acceptability; The importance of context. Additional Levels of Assessment - Environmental Protection Statements; Proposals Unlikely to be Environmentally Acceptable. Major Projects - Wallaby Gold mine; Harvey-Stirling Dam Redevelopment; Woodside LNG Expansion; Ord River Irrigation Area, Stage II, Kununurra; Interim water allocation plan, Ord River; Gas to Synthetic hydrocarbons Plant, Burrup Peninsula; Lake Lefroy Gold Mine, Kambalda; Motor Sports Facility, Kwinana; Remediation of contaminated land, South Coogee.
Environmental Assessment of Planning Schemes: MRS Amendment, 992/33, Clarkson Butler, Wanneroo.
Strategic Assessments
Policy development: Environmental Protection Policies; Position Statements; Guidance Statements.
EPA’s Role in Remediation of Contaminated Sites: Vela Luka Park, Cockburn; Omex site, Bellevue.
Monitoring of Waste Management (WA) Facilities: Intractable waste disposal facility, Mt Walton East; Liquid waste treatment plant, Brookdale.
Legislation Issues: Review of the Noise Regulations.
Site Visits carried out by the EPA
Advisory Council to the EPA
1 The role of the EPA
2 Formal assessments
3 Environmental Protection Statements
4 Proposal Unlikely to be Environmentally Acceptable
5 s16 strategic advice
6 Position Statements
7 Guidance Statements
8 EPA Site Visits
9 Financial Report

Published Date: 
October, 2000